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Fiber Optic MIDI Extender

MIDI-2001 MIDI Fiber Optic Transceiver    Click for larger image of Fiber Optic MIDI extender

Extend Bi-Directional MIDI signals over Fiber optic cables


  Block diagram of Fiber optic MIDI extender

MIDI-2001  is  MIDI Fiber Optic Transceiver for two way MIDI communication.  If you only need one-way MIDI communication see the lower cost MIDI-2101 system

Both multimode and single-mode versions are available and installation is totally adjustment free. In addition, integral indicators are provided to continuously indicate the presence of data signals as well as the presence of operating power making system troubleshooting simple.
Specifications Important Features
Compatibility  MIDI 1.0 (all formats)     Visual  Status Indicators
Visual Indicators  Green Signal LED
 Green Power light
 Red Alarm Light.
    Up to 10,000' feet
Bit Error Rate  1 x 10E-9 (worse case)
Bandwidth  DC to 1.0 Mb/s
 (includes 31.2kKbaud)
Rise & Fall time  Less then 100 nanoseconds
MIDI output drive  25mA (10x MIDI 1.0)
Input Isolation  10 KV/us Optical isolation
Electrical Connectors  Standard MIDI 5-pin-DIN
Optical Connectors  Multimode fiber ST/PC
 Single mode fiber FC/PC
Optical Loss Budget  0 to 10 dB
 Operating wavelength  850nm (-1 models)
 1310nm(-7 models)
Operating Temperature  -35 to +75 C  
Power Requirements  11-24 VAC/DC @160mA
Physical Size  5.0" x 3.0" x 1.0"
127mm x 76mm x 25.4mm

$1,182 USD per system, includes
 two MIDI-2001-1 (for multimode fiber 2-miles max)  transceivers and
 two  PS-1205 US power supplies.   We also have EU (European Union), UK (United Kingdom), AU (Australian)  power supplies at an extra cost.
Cable are not included in this price as each installation can have unique cable lengths.

Equipment can also be mounted in a 1U rack.  

Video Instruction Manual

To specify and purchase fiber optic cable click here.

For greater distances, we also have single mode versions available.

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