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Fiber Optic AES/EBU Modem

AT-8001 AES Fiber Optic Transmitter & Receiver    Click for larger image of AES Fiber Modem
Extend AES/EBU  signals over Fiber optic cable  

  AES Fiber Modem Block Diagram

Fiber Optic AES Transmission System

The Litelink AES fiber transmission system consists of the AT-8001
transmitter and the AR-8001 receiver. The system converts conventional AES/EBU digital audio signals into modulated light for transmission over a fiber optic cable resulting in error free and interference free transmission over distances of several miles. The AT-8001 transmitter provides AES3 and S/PDIF loop through signals. The AR-8001 produces two AES3 outputs and two S/PDIF outputs.

Both multimode and single-mode fiber optic versions are available and installation requires simply plugging in the various cables. There are no user adjustments. Integral indicators also show the presence of digital audio signals as well as operating power making system troubleshooting simple.

Specifications Important Features

IEC- 60958 Type I


(AES/EBU) Balanced, XLR, 110Ω

    · Supports Type I & II
IEC-60958 protocols
IEC- 60958 Type II (S/PDIF)  Unbalanced, RCA, 75Ω   · Industrial temperature
range and reliability
AES-3id  via RCA/BNC adaptor   · 10 dB Loss Budget
Visual Indicators Green Power light
Green Link light
Green Signal light
 · Up to 10,000' feet
Input Level  0.2-7Vpp bal, 1Vpp unbal   · Stand-alone or Rack
Mountable (same unit)
Output Level  5Vpp bal, 1Vpp unbal
Sampling Rates supported  32, 44, 48.1, and 96 Khz
Optical Connectors  Multimode fiber ST/PC
 Single mode fiber FC/PC
Optical Loss Budget  0 to 10 dB
Operating wavelength  850nm (-1 models)
 1310nm (-7 models)
Electrical Connectors  3-pin XLR Male on Rx 
 3-pin XLR Female on Tx
Operating Temperature  -35 to+75 °C  
Power Requirements  11-24 VAC/DC @200mA
Physical Size  5.0" x 3.0" x 2.23"
127mm x 76mm x 56.6mm

A system, would include
    One AT-8001-1 AES Fiber Transmitter
    One AR-8001-1 AES Fiber Receiver
    Two  PS-1205 US power supplies
For multimode fiber (~2-miles max), USA power supply.  Other versions are available for single mode fiber, and other countries such as  EU (European Union), UK (United Kingdom), AU (Australian)  at slightly higher cost.

Equipment can also be mounted in a 1U rack.   DIN Rail option is also available.

To specify and purchase fiber optic cable click here.

For greater distances, we also have single mode fiber versions available.

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